APM core committee 9 Feb2010

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APM core committee meeting 9 February 2010 Present: Alan, Peter, Tibebe, Meron, Loza, Bruno, Wubalem, Million, Shirley (Addis); Leah (Nairobi)

Peter demonstrated use of the wiki in an attempt to reduce paper and email traffic.....

Aim of this meeting to provide opportunity to update from the various sub-committees.

Logistics (Million) Committee met on 5 Feb. Minutes are available. For plenary? Tent is 8m * 24m. Discussion of whether to use the tent for the plenary - can test the tent in rainy conditions (like now)? We need to avoid having to move around if it rains. Million will set up a test run this week. Can we test the sound system at the same time - one is ordered and will be purchased before APM - so cannot be tested yet. LCD projectors/screen also need to be tested in the tent to make sure its clearly visible. One laptop dedicated for plenary presentations (make sure software is up to date - Peter will ask IT for this. KMIS will organise the powerpoints to be loaded before each session.

Alan to send a message (eg as part of final logistics) about the need for folks to come with name tags.

Those who need tags because they are not ILRI will come out of the registration. Can identify committee members by a special tag/colour etc on their badge. (sticky labels for market place visitors). Loza/KMIS to organise these.

Million needs to prepare a draft budget.

Wubalem to follow up with Seife to confirm number of participants last year.

Loza, plus many to investigate options for APM souvenir - bags, caps, umbrella, t shirt, pen etc and come with proposal and costs.

Need for themes and other groups to provide information on requirements for pre APM theme meetings to ensure appropriate meeting facilities are in place.

Need to make sure PMOs are aware they are responsible for doing the registration once each theme's list is finalised.

Needs to be connection between Housing/liaison and registration to make sure eg liaison know how and where to take participants on arrival/departure. Eventually there will be a master list of all arrival/departure/accommodation information.

14th - P and C 45 minute cocktail in infocentre to launch video etc (Bruce will pay) before theme dinners.

BB lunches - details to be confirmed (programme issue)

Booklet - include information, programme etc etc. Can also have this on line.

"blackboard" at entrance to tent etc - today's notices - weather, bus times, BB lunches etc

Cocktail to be on Friday after market place; dinner on Saturday. Thursday evening free.

Programme (Alan) Registration - participants to clear with supervisor then get PMO to will send registration link if this approved. Committee members need to register.

Need to make sure that PMOs and TDs (etc) understand the process.

Alan will send a reminder early next week to all staff as well as PMOs and admin assistants. Make sure Terry inputs information for science advisors and BoT members (Leah will check with Terry). Catherine will register all NBO directors (John, Carlos, Bruce).

Programme committee needs to provide information on guidelines for posters.

After registration - can provide information on posters, market place, BB lunches etc. This should come out of the 25 Feb programme committee meeting - Alan will draft a letter about this before this meeting.

For MC - will just go through the programme on 17 April - Shirley, Peter and Alan.

Communications (Peter) Need for content guidelines for posters from the programme committee. Need for liaison with Clair and team - for accommodation, requirements for filming, import permits etc. Loza will liaise with Clair.

Market place Need to develop list of outside partners to include in market place Carlos can declare opening Need some "interludes" - fish bowl or debate (?in Zebu club). Topics for this to be identified by programme committee Include a map


Next meeting of this core committee: 4 March 2010 1400hrs