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Action Lists for Partnership and Communication Committee

Meron, Loza, Peter to be the main updaters here.

We need to set deadlines for different actions

Item No. Action points Details of work Persons responsible Status
1 KMIS team mobilization Collect ideas and commitment Peter Initial meeting 1 Feb 2010
Second meeting 23 Feb
Third meeting 29 March 2010
Next meeting scheduled for 6 April 2010
2 APM Logo design Eric Finalized
3 APM photography during the event
Apollo / Liya assist
4 APM on ILRINET techical set up and design
Initial setup to be ready in week beginning 8 Feb
Birru / Zerihun / Liya / webteam as needed 8 Feb: Work completed (Daniel)
5 APM content on ILRINET Populate content Daniel/ Liya/ Meron Feb 19:Draft agenda and a link to the wiki of Addis Campus added

Poster, brown bag lunch meetings, market place stand sections updated every time new requests come.
6 Addis InfoCenter yammer 'marketplace' Organise and set up infocentre to be permanent poster display area during APM

InfoCenter set will be ready Friday 9 April

organise traditional ethiopian coffee and kenyan tea
Azeb and i/c team

8 Feb: Plans initiated

4 Feb: Kenya i/c will organise Kenya part.
7 APM poster template Design, make template available

Core/Programme Committee needs to issue content guidelines
Eric/Apollo Finalized and can be downloaded from ILRINet - APM Section
8 APM Poster production Call for posters, collect and print Meron/ Eric /Apollo Call sent out
Very few sent in; we know people are working on them
Finalizing as requests come
9 APM posters Once printed add to slideshare and mahider Eric / Milcah
10 Daily APM e-news Design, content creation and production, online access, local printing Susan / Muthoni / Mekonnen / Tesfaye / Apollo 4 Feb: Susan agrees to lead this. First issue around board meetings on 12 April.
Design finalized by Eric, Peter and Susan
Online template ready (Mockup)
To be finalized by the end of this week
11 APM Marketplace Concept/Proposal

invite to staff - posters, stands
miniworkshops (3)
livestock matters events (3)
invite to external guests
invite to external exhibitors (3 confirmed)
(Eden Field Agri-Seed Enterprise)
(VLIR-UOS, University cooperation for development)
check locations (infocenter)
check locations (auditorium)
stand set up (16 april, morning)
poster set up (9 april)
Peter / Loza / Meron / Alan

Peter/ Zerihun/Tesfaye/ Emaelaf/Azeb / Wondimu/Meron/

staff invited

2 confirmed
3 confirmed
sent out week 15 march
to be done 19 march OK
done (azeb)
Test 25 march, temporary stands allocated for the ones that booked so far.
Sketch of the marketplace ready
12 APM 'souvenirs' APM Folder - Visitors folder Meron, Azeb, Apollo, Loza we will re-use old folders
13 KMIS promo for APM Apollo/Peter/Meron apm bags (50 bags ordered @ 250 birr) to be delivered by 10th April
mouse pad (250 pieces ordered)
14 P&C Booth at Marketplace Prepare and mobilize content Emaelef /Loza / need others
15 Entertainment Programme Committee had its first meeting on the 16th March:
Ideas suggested:

1. Art exhibition at the Zebu Club (throughout APM)

2. For Thursday Night Cocktail the committee suggested music with DJ.
DJ Jonathan (3,500 Birr)

3. For Saturday night APM the committee suggested music with DJ.
DJ Wish (5,000 Birr)

4. For Friday nights and on where to hang out in the evenings, What's Up magazine promised to give us 200 copies of the April issue for free

thursday night invite with price.
Zerihun / Liya / Biruk /Meron / Bruno / Metasebia/ Apollo

Zerihun to contact artists
Focus attention on thursday night

Thursday with a DJ

subsidized drink / free half hour
paying barbecue

keep staff on the campus

DJ on Saturday
16 P&C cocktail wednesday evening 14 April (infocenter) to launch ilri website plus dvd with ilri 2009 film and film catalogue and poster session Susan, Clare, Peter, Apollo, Abeba / Bruce 4 Feb: Approved by Bruce.
17 Social reporting of the event ; beyond ILRI and addis Concept/Proposal

For external public audiences

Pre-APM and live reporting using ILRI blogs, slideshare, video and audio, etc. tools.
Peter, Tsehai, others
18 Badges Badges for APM committee members

Market place visitors - from eventbrite

19 Mini posters on Campus and

Banner for tent and gate
Concept and design

Content finalised
Apollo sent mini posters (45 pieces) to Eric for print
the remaining 35 to be sent
Banner design finalized to be sent to printers next week
Erect across campus 11 april
20 Hosted Institutions Check list of hosted Institution list with Mr. Jacob Q.

Draft and send APM invitation letter for the organizations.

Invite Hosted Institutions for marketplace.


IWMI already booked
21 APM Help Desk InfoCentre to remain open everyday until 6:30 p.m Abeba Asmelash