Core Committee Meetings

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Discussion Note of Past Core Committee Meetings

Note on April 8 Meeting Note on March 31 Meeting Note on March 19 meeting. Note on March 4 core meeting Notes on February 9th meeting Notes on January 25th meeting.docx

Phone numbers to conduct a teleconference meeting: Addis Ababa, DG Conference Room: +251 11 6172007. Nairobi, Leah Ndungu Office: +254 20 422 3277

Phone numbers and instructions to use Conference Genie Facility: · Dail +44 844 873 60 60 or +49 1803 002 063 and enter the Passcode 33448 followed by ‘#’ key when promoted. · Use Skpe or phone line. NB: Make sure your phone line is on tone mode. If not, you have to press '*' key before you enter the above passcode.

Date Time/Place Agenda Accepted Tentative Declined