Debate Role play imaginary scenario

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Session Title

Debate/role play/imaginary scenario session and final evaluation/summing up

Session Organiser(s)

Alan plus?


This is meant to be a lively session and a bit of fun to finish off with. Remember the session last year organized by Ravi - a kind of role play scenario game. Could all of you put your heads together and come up with something interesting related to the overall theme?


Process/format details

Since the Dragon's Den session will hopefully be fairly lively, we could extend to 90 minutes and use this for a shorter session consisting of various winding up activities:

16.00 5 minutes: APM highlights video (susan, peter, clare - noah?) 20 mins: learning and reflection and take aways 5 mins: Poster competition winners (judge) 15 mins: Corporate yoga to wind down, facilitated by Genevieve's Dutch contact who is reputedly excellent at this kind of thing 10 mins: Reflections by John/Carlos alan thanks bit