Get to Know ILRI

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Session Title

Get to Know ILRI Session

Session Organiser(s)

Peter Ballantyne, Liz Ogutu and Bruno Gerard


Process/format details

15.45 New staff introductions (Tadelle/Aynalem) 15.55 Game explained and players form groups - Bruno 16.05 Game starts 17.00 Semi-final - Jane Poole 17.15 Final - Jane Poole 17.30 Close

Questions in following areas:

Finance - Joan Sawe HR - Margaret IT - Ian Moore Donors/grants/contracts - Liz Ogutu

Logistics/ equipment requirements

  • Need 10 tables with 16 seats around them - need to mobilize help for this.


  • Peter to send e-mails seeking questions
  • Need to convene brainstorming group for a couple of hours to come up with questions.
  • Need a question master - Paulo? Derek? Jane Poole- the weakest link (Ann Robinson)