Host and Partner Perspectives

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Session Title

ILRI Research Partners - Vision on goods, bads and the gaps

Session Organiser(s)

Ranjitha Puskur, Bruno Gerard, Katrien Descheemaeker


IWMI- Debbie - confirmed IFPRI - Paul Dorosh - confirmed CIMMYT - Olaf - tentatively confirmed BeCa - Segenet - confirmed CIP - Steffen Schulz - confirmed Sokoine University - Prof. J.A. Matovelo - invited - tbc

Aim to have a max of 6 people. Trying to find a gender, nationality, science vs 'fluff' balance


To elicit research partners views on livestock goods, bads and the research gaps, and identify possible collaboration opportunities The gaps could be geographical, skill related, thematic issues..

Process/format details

08.30 New staff introductions - Tadelle/Aynalem 08.45 Introduction - Ranjitha 08.50 – 09:00 Debbie and Steffen 09:00 - 09:10 Plenary discussion 09.10 – 9:20 Segenet and Olaf 09:20 – 09:30 Plenary discussion 09.30 – 09:40 Paul and Prof Matoveloi 09:40 - 09:50 Plenary discussion 09.50 Summing up - Bruno

Each presenter will have a 5 minute slot and using 3 props (audio or visual or objects) representing the good, bad and gap will make their presentation. We will have sets of 2 presentations followed by a dialogue in plenary with the audience.

Facilitator/ Presenter

Tentatively, Ranjitha


Will identify someone and make a request soon - tentatively Robert Ouma. Capture on film somehow?

Other participants


email sent to presenters on the format. Katrien, Ranjitha and Bruno will try to meet the presenters either in a group or one on one on Monday or Tuesday next week.


Logistics/ equipment requirements

LCD, music player, pin boards. Use video conference machine to beam small objects?