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Market Place Session

//Stands and mini-workshops: Friday 16 April: 14:00 - 17:30 (large auditorium) Poster Session: 12 to 17 April in the InfoCenter//


  • Peter Ballantyne
  • Loza Mesfin
  • Meron Mulatu
  • InfoCenter - stands and posters set up
  • others TBC


  • Showcase ILRI activities and work, related to the APM theme, and more generally
  • Be a forum to interact with external partners and influentials in Ethiopia
  • Be a kind of multi-actor 'innovation platform' or space of the type that ILRI supports in some projects


Elements of the Market Place

1. Opening (tent)

2. Poster Session.


In the InfoCenter (which becomes the 'yammer cafe' from 9 -17 April). Traditional Coffee and Tea available throughout, internet cafe services for participants.

Some 30 posters from across ILRI, set up on 9 or 10 April, running until 17 April.

'Launched' with the P&C cocktails on Wednesday evening (after theme meetings and before theme dinners)

Digital versions published on ILRI slideshare account before the meetings begin. If possible the basis for blog posts/announcements

Poster competition with 3 top places, and a jury of Jim Dargie, Emmy Simmons, and Lindiwe Sibanda

#livestockmatters3. livestock matters

30 minute conversations (max) on an issue.

14:15 -14.45 livestock matters 1 (tent) 15:15 -15:45 livestock matters 2 (tent) 16:15 -16:45 livestock matters 3 (tent) 17:15 -17:45 livestock matters 4 (tent)

Interviewees: - public private pro-poor vaccine delivery (vish nene) - interviewer is gabrielle - one health etc (jeff mariner) - interviewer is Delia - state of the art science (segenet) - interviewer is Bruce - livestock long shadow (Henning) - interviewer is Iain Wright

#miniworkshops4. Mini-workshops

14:15 - 15:15 miniworkshop 1: Using film in your project (Clare Kemp and Susan MacMillan + Andrew Mude and Okeyo Mwai) 15:30 - 16:30 miniworkshop 2: GIS tools and resources for your project (Jane Poole, Titus and Wachira) 16:45 - 17:45 miniworkshop 3: Data management and access for your project (Ian Moore)

Short concurrent sessions on specific learning topics. With a training/learning emphasis? Examples are:

5. Stands/Booths


In the large auditorium, perhaps 25-30 max. Depending on demand, stands for:

Theme/Programme/Group/Region - on the science (say 6 or 7)

Major projects and hosted initiatives, IPMS, BecA, SLP; Collective Action, CCAFS ..(say 4)

P&C: CAST; KMIS; PA; IT ( say 3 or 4, perhaps we combine the comms ones?)

Operations: maybe HR, others? (1 or 2?)

hosted Addis institutions (say 4) - eg: IFPRI; IWMI; CIMMYT; CIP; IGAD

External partners in Addis (say 6) - eg: GTZ; VLIR, Save the Children US, AMREF; IIRR, FARMAfrica, Pastoralist Communication Initiative, Oxfam Ethiopia, Care Ethiopia, Africa Adapt, EIAR, send a cow?

6. External visitors

We invite a range of people and influentials we work with (or should work with) to join. eg: government people; donors; un/au; development partners; etc. Invites by Loza


Infocenter set up - arranged by KMIS, with IT support for the telecenter aspects

large auditorium set up

Stands set up -

Stand booking and management -

Need continuous coffee/tea/drinks etc - (or the canteen as a 'stand')

Followed by APM dinner inthe evening, with some guests joining (who?)

do visitors need to register and have ID's?