New staff introductions

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Proposal from Tadelle and Aynalem:

  • Conditions

We have only five sessions * In five of the sessions we introduce new staff by Theme and department

        1. Marketing
        2. Biotechnology
        3. PLE
        4. Communications and partnership
        5. Administration including finance, operations etc
  • Possible questions

Briefly introduce yourself * Name, Nationality etc Why ILRI or what will be your contribution to ILRI mission and vision? How best can you describe your self or what type of person are you? In three words How do you find Africa if he or she is European or Asian or Vice-Versa? What would you like other people to know about you? If Carlos decided to give you power for one day, what would you do? What was your first impression about ILRI?

Here is the list of new staff recruited since last APM [April 2009 onwards]: APM New Staff - 09 April (2).xls.

Note from Alan: I suggest we have only 4 sessions for this:

Day 1 Session 4 - 10 minutes Day 2 Session 1 - 10 minutes Day 2 Session 2 - 15 minutes Day 3 Session 1 - 15 minutes

There might need to be some mixing of Themes during these sessions.