Overall Actions

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Overall Action Lists

Item No. Action points Details of work Person responsible Status
1 APM Invitation Letter Sending out APM invitation letter to all staff with minor adjustments made on the drafted version e.g. including information about visa procedures following input from Wubshet.
2 E-Registration form and WIKI’s Assessing whether online registration software will be useful and if so, setting it up for APM participants; setting up Wiki for the organizing committee (between January 26 and 27’ 2010)
Peter See [[1]]

[[2]] [Administrator privileged]

3 E-registration Compiling information of the e-registered APM participants following input from PMO’s
Wubalem Done
See the summary of registered participants
4 Sub-logistics Committee · Reporting from the sub-logistics committee

· Posting highlights/minutes of the sub-logistics committee meeting on Wiki

5 Communications and entertainment E-newsletter, posters, blogs, multimedia, photography, marketplace, interviews, information packs, visitors badges, updating on ILRInet and entertainment. See the comms action list.
Peter and Susan McMillan
6 Action points/Check list Updating and taking action points during the fore organizing committee meeting.
All concerned person
7 List of board members Sending the list of board members coming for APM to Wubalem.
Loza Done