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Session Title

Dragons Den: What research gaps around the area of livestock bads and goods should ILRI think about filling?

Session Organiser(s)



We will use the "Dragons Den" format based on TV series where prospective entrepreneurs bid for investment funds from venture capitalists. >Leaders of the 6 or so working groups make short pitches for what the major research gaps on livestock goods and bads are. They are then quizzed by “dragons (include external stakeholders…..or at least…. BoT, science advisors)”… >John will put up some money (Iain mentioned $10,000) as a prize in the Dragon's Den session.

Process/format details

welcome and intro the game 3 mins 6 pitches 4 dragons Q&A, can ass the mic to one colleague

intro the dragons -

GP - bill-linda gates Foundation - needs no intro JG - SheepTech - world renowned biosciences spinoff from wogga wogga uni LS - african multilateral bank for livestock reconstruction and development - also no intro TT - wyoming green alliance - campaigner for p, l, and e

Each team gives a pitch - 3 minutes A Dragon poses a tough questions - 1 mins 'the fatal flaw' Team responds in dialogue - 2 minutes low hum repeat 6/7 times

Dragons leave the room and given 5 minutes to make a decision

audience votes Audience each given 1 birr - they then donate to the team leader of their choice.

Dragons return Each team leader announces their winnings - co-financing

Ask Dragons if they want to reconsider They leave the room again - 2 minutes

Then give the final decision based on eliminating team leaders one by one until winner left

John presents giant cheque

The criteria to be used by the Dragons to critique each pitch include:

  • attractiveness to funders
  • creativity
  • mega-program relevance
  • potential for outcomes and impact

Facilitator/ Presenter

Peter, Alan