Working with development partners

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Session Title

Working with development partners Saturday morning, 08.45-10 am (1 hour 15 minutes)

Session Organiser(s)

Iain Wright and Ranjitha Puskur


Participants: Narayan Hegde, BAIF (India) and Michael Blummel (confirmed) Adrian Cullis, Save US (Ethiopia) and Isabelle Baltenweck (confirmed) Azage Tegene + Tsehay Redda from LandoLakes is on board for this.


1. To get development partner perspectives on their expectations from ILRI with reference to livestock goods and bads 2. To explore what we are learning from these experiences and whether we are capturing the lessons effectively and how we are sharing them within ILRI?

Process/format details

08.45 New staff introductions - Tadelle/Aynalem 09.00 Role plays with 3 pairs of 5-7 min each (Hegde-Blummel; Adrian-Isabelle; Azage-Tsehay). The first two development partners will make a 'phone call to an ILRI researcher to request for collaboration based on a certain specific demand/need. ILRI to respond. The third call will be Azage calling a development partner requesting collaboration.

09.30 After the 3 role plays Iain will facilitate an open discussion focusing on 3 to 4 key issues that emerge out of it.

10.00 Coffee

The development partners/ILRI researcher have been asked to discuss the question/issue they would be raising. We do not want this to be scripted to keep it spontaneous. Adrian has been asked to focus his request on a short-term immediate requirement of the type that ILRI has difficulty responding to.

Facilitator/ Presenter

Iain Wright


to be identified Film the phone calls

Logistics/ equipment requirements

add toy phone add phone call noise