Brown Bag Lunch Session

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Brown Bag Lunch Sessions

No. Day Title Facilitator/ Presenter Rapporteur Other participants Objective/ aim Format Details/Task Responsibilities Cost Centre Status Logistics/ equipment requirements
1 14 April
12:30 to 2:00 PM.
ILRI/IPMS Gender and Market Oriented Agriculture Conference Ranjitha Puskur and Jemimah Njuki,
Purvi Mehta
15 people ILRI and IPMS are planning a Gender conference with the theme “Gender and Market Oriented Agriculture”. The conference is expected to be in Sep. at the ILRI campus in Addis. We'd like to have a discussion with a broader group on:

1. Thematic areas for the conference (and how to integrate both livestock and the IPMS experiences within these thematic areas)
2. Current gender and livestock work that can be part of the conference
3. Ideas on potential key note speakers, organizations (research, development, policy) working on gender and market oriented agriculture
4. Concrete next steps on organization of the conference, fund raising
(PR02 ADD CID004-22)
1. Flip chart
2. Felt pens
2 14
Climate change task force Mario Herrero 10-15 people -
3 15
Remote Sensing An Notenbaert 15 people - - - -
4 16
Livestock future scenarios Mario Herrero 10-15 people
5 17 April Monitoring feed intake in smallholder dairy system- UNE PICO ILRI project Isabelle Baltenweck TBD John Gibson; Okeyo Mwai; Ben Lukuyu, Michael Blummel, Duncan, Alan; Blummel, M ; Haileslassie, Amare ; Amede, Tilahun; Grings, Elaine; Ayantunde, Augustine; Hanson, Jean ; Shirley Tarawali; Julie Ojango

15 people
Discuss UNE PICO ILRI proposal to BMGF on dairy cattle breeding in EA- how to monitor feed intake in smallholder systems Isabelle Baltenweck

(Invitation sent to members)
BT03-FAO033 1. LCD projector
2. Flip chart
3. Marker pens
6 17 April “Mobile–enabled services in livestock value chains: Anachronistic or an idea, whose time has come?” Paolo Ficarelli 15-20 people Mobile phones are emerging as the best bet for strengthening farmer-researcher linkages and collaboration amongst service providers in agricultural value chains to improve farmer-decision making, in marketing, resource use and risk management. There is a lot of experimentation going on in Asia and Africa driven from both the private and public sectors and involving millions of farmers, aimed at testing the application of mobile phones in different agricultural fields. Livestock information packaged digitally and ready for mobile use is scanty. ILRI projects do not include mobile telephony, as part of their multiple dissemination pathways, for scaling out application of research results. Concepts on how to establish effective mobile- based digital platforms are still missing. Somebody said that “the advent of mobile phone technology is as much an anachronism as a soft drink bottle falling from the sky in the wilds of Africa”. The objective of this Brown Bag Lunch session is to change this view. Paolo Ficarelli RS50 DEL URGRNT
7 16
PENAPH Purvi Mehta-Bhatt ( TBD 10 To be sent later Purvi to send the objective (100 words or less) DP12 1. Projector
2. White board
3. Need a room closer to the main APM sessions
8 17 April Impact Assessment Task Force Nancy L. Johnson 25 IA strategy and future outcome and impacts studies Nancy L. Johnson (to send detail information) RS62 LCD projector
9 15 April “ILRI – Sokoine Collaboration” John McDermott 6 people
John, Stella Masawe, Amos, Jemimah, Mohammed
ILRI is keen to contribute more to livestock research and development in Tanzania through collaboration with Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) and Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Over the past year there have been on-going discussions between the parties including two visits by ILRI staff to Sokoine.

A 4 person delegation of SUA as well as the program coordinator for Norway and Dr Knut Hove, ILRI Board Chair will be presenting the plans and priorities for the next phase of their joint research program (called PANTIL). The SUA team and Lars Erick Olav from Norway will be attending APM to allow for further discussions.
RS02 LCD projector
10 16
FAP end of project meeting – widening the horizons Alan Duncan ([]) 8 or more
(Alan, Shirley, Michael, Ben, Bruno, Tom, Elaine, Kebebe among others)
The Fodder Adoption Project is coming to an end and I need to organize an end-of-project meeting to :
1. share project findings
2.act as a focal point for a wider meeting on feeds in smallholder systems
This proposed meeting could bring together a number of initiatives and could lead to some kind of published proceedings or special issue. For example Bruno is talking about a special issue on mixed systems; findings of the World Bank Feeds study might also be ready for a public airing; the proposed writeshop for a Feeds Proposal that Tom and others have been developing could become part of this.

IFA018 Telecon to Nairobi to allow Tom to join
11 17
Research issues on pastoralists

PLE/Save the Children
Adrian Cullus
Shirley Tarawali Jan de Leeuw
Mohamed Said,
Nancy Johnson,
Andrew Mude,
Jemimah Njuki,
Don Peden
1. Research issues related to pastoralists
2. The whole area of how ILRI could come in to the broader development scene on M and E/L; impact assessment
3. Issues related to better and more regular communication of research results with the development community
12 15 April Smallholder Dairy in Assam – opportunities and next steps Derek Baker - 8 people ???
Derek Baker
Steve Staal
Delia Grace
Asif Bin Qutub
Ram Deka
Amos Omore
Iain Wright
- - Derek
(Invitation sent to members)
13 16 April Building and strengthening synergies between the BecA-ILRI Hub team and the ILRI Biotech team. Appolinaire Djikeng
Roger Pelle
Appolinaire Djikeng 30 people
(24 from Biotech)
4 from BecA-ILRI hub
The ILRI biotech team is the main user of the shared laboratory facilities currently managed by the BecA-ILRI hub team. The hub facilities are managed in support of the following activities: research (in agriculture, livestock and microbial), research related services, and training and capacity building. Many of these hub activities do intersect with various activities carried out by scientists of the ILRI biotech team. Several strategic discussions have taken place in the past with the overall aim to identify and strategize on areas of common interest including but not limited to resources mobilization for collaborative projects, laboratory equipments acquisition and management and capacity building. The proposed meeting will be a follow up to previous meetings that have so far led to a proposal to the ILRI board of trustees (at their meeting in October 2009) on various opportunities for collaboration between the biotech and the hub teams. Specifically, at the proposed meeting we will review planned and ongoing research interests of the two teams with a focus on: 1) the acquisition of the appropriate technologies to support new research areas; 2) strategies for efficient use of the current genomics platform and the development of an appropriate bioinformatics platform. PR04 NBO SYN004 Just lunch