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Welcome to the ILRI APM 2010 WIKI

Livestock: The Good, the Bad and the ...?

(Pathways out of poverty or polluters of the planet?)

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Some principles for working on this wiki: - each committee/group updates its own action lists so all can see status - notes of meetings and comments can be entered directly into the wiki - we minimize all emails, no word files etc are circulated. Docs are 'here' and can be downloaded/printed as needed - individual members should subscribe to page notifications for updates on changes - add comments and changes to pages through the 'discussion' tab - all members can edit and change these pages - this is our 'working' space - we will have a public space for colleagues on ILRINET

APM Objectives:

  • I know the ILRI family (and culture) better (particularly out posted staff)
  • I am able to articulate ILRI’s position on livestock goods and bads, meaning what are real bads, real goods and what we don’t yet know (a reality check?)
  • I understand better where ILRI is strong and where we still need to work harder…… I have challenged my thinking on what I am doing – how I do and deliver my work (say what exactly changed)

Here you can find:

Post-APM review


Specific Sessions:

Day 1 [April 15]: Welcome, 'State of the Union' [Alan] Livestock Bads and Goods - Setting the Scene [Delia and Mario] Livestock Bads and Goods - Questions and Answers [Delia and Mario] Knowing Me, Knowing You - Exploring ILRI People and Programmes [Bruno, Liz and Peter]

Day 2 [April 16]: Livestock Goods and Bads - Engaging Better with Research Partners [Ranjitha, Katrien and Bruno] Partnerships and Communications: The Goods and the Bads [Bruce, Susan, Peter] Marketplace (includes Poster session) [Peter and others] * list of stands * list of posters * list of mini-workshops * list of livestock matters conversations

Day 3 [April 17]:

Livestock Goods and Bads - Working More Effectively with Development Partners [Iain and Ranjitha] Livestock Bads and Goods - Implications for ILRI [Boni Moyo, Lucy Lapar and Elaine Grings] 'Dragons Den' - Good and Bads Research Gaps that ILRI Should Address [??] Closing: Lessons, evaluation, summing up [Alan]

Others: Brown bag lunch sessions [Aynalem/Meron] Meeting New staff sessions [Tadelle/Aynalem] - need to work out how to do this... How many people? spread across the whole APM?


Nairobi Participation Mechanisms Pre-APM Survey Monkey


Latest Draft


Actual Expenditures list


Action Lists of Committees

Committee Members List

Upcoming Meetings