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Action Lists for Programme Committee

Item No. Action points Details of work Person responsible Status
1 APM Invitation Letter Sending out APM invitation letter to all staff with minor adjustments made on the drafted version e.g. including information about visa procedures following input from Wubshet. Alan Letter ready to send on Mon Feb 1. Draft copy in
File:Invitation letter 3.doc
Update: I'm waiting for Theme Directors to finalize dates of Theme meetings before sending out the letter. I want all staff to be clear about when they are expected to be in Addis before the start registering.

Alan to send reminder to staff and PMOs on Monday
- set out process again one more time.
2 E-registration Compiling information of the e-registered APM participants following input from PMO’s Wubalem First draft of registered participants list [145] was forwarded to Million and Tibebe. The revised version will be sent out by end of February.
3 Poster session Decide content guidelines for poster preparation


Prize Jury

$100 total between 3

dargie, simmons, sibanda
4 Call for engagement poster
brown bag
5 Expected number of participants Contact and follow up with Seife to get the number of participants for last year APM Wubalem APM 2009 Participants Detail.xls]
The followings are notes from Seife:
(i) the total no. of APM 2009 attendees was close to 300 but not more, and the average for the week was about 250. (ii) I recall that not many partners came to the market place but those who came were represented by one or more persons
6 Staff ID card Send a reminder to ILRI staff to bring their ID card for the meeting Alan e-mail will be sent out by end of March. However, recommendation was made to prepare name tag.
7 Reminder for registration Send a reminder to all ILRI staff to finalize registering before the due date i.e. April 2 Alan The first deadline was on February 19.
8 Registration of BoT/Directors/ advisors Terry will e-register science advisors and Board members; and Catherine will do e-registration of all NBO directors. Leah is expected to remind/follow up from her end.

Remind Henning Steinfield registration

9 Finalizing APM Programme -Contact HR and Regional Offices to get new recruited staff

- Contact Dr. Seyoum [EAIR]

-Send a reminder to Theme Directors about IRS Staff council meeting on April 14, 15:30-17:00hr

-Ask Carlos for closing remarks

-Send Delia about closing entertainment program for comments

-Invite brown bag sessions organizer for their registration

-Contact Adrian

-Contact topic persons and brief them to distill question in their topic area.

-Registration of Henning

-Contact John about MC & TC dinner on April 16

-Invited officially hosted institution for APM and market place











Waiting for finalization of programme sessions development.

Phone line was disconnected during discussion on closing entertainment programme.

10 Sort out mechanisms for participation by Nairobi and outposted staff Think about video links, online surveys and other mechanisms for getting input from staff not attending APM Alan Page created on wiki with some initial ideas from Dorine Adhoch. Needs further work.